Melody Ballroom Portland


March 27, 2020

Leticia & Fabian Jaramillo

Another beautiful wedding in the books. Leticia and Fabian are two very special and kind people. Their intimate wedding was so much fun to be at. They are surrounded by so many wonderful friends and family. The love and energy in that room could be felt miles away. Everyone danced and laughed throughout the night. Catherine Leedy with the Melody Ballroom did such a wonderful job. It was the perfect venue for this wedding. One of the most beautiful details of the wedding, besides the amazing ring, was the classic bouquet made by Kathy Hemrich with Flower Nook. I personally loved how toast were in both Spanish and English. I have my kids in a bilingual immersion school because I believe it’s a highly important skill and gift I want my kids to learn. Love knows no boundaries. Thank you so much for letting me photograph your beautiful day!

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